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Cloud Enablement

The Process Of Creating, Deploying And Operating Some Or Most Of An Organization’s IT Infrastructure, Software And Resources Through The Cloud

Cloud enablement shifts in-house IT to a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. Cloud enablement service is delivered by cloud enablers or cloud service providers. A cloud-enabled organization generally relies on a cloud provider for basic to enterprise grade IT solutions and services. Cloud enablement can have many different models and implementations. Typically, cloud enablement is achieved when the in-house data center or server infrastructure is removed and replaced by a similar cloud solution. This includes servers, operating system and business applications that are accessed remotely over the internet. Moreover, consolidating in-house servers for virtualization and building a private cloud out of it are other examples of cloud enablement. A decade or so go, business owners used to set aside a significant portion of their investment for building robust IT infrastructure to support the business operations. After successive innovations, the cloud came into the picture and changed the way organizations deploy and deliver applications. Many organizations have either successfully migrated to a cloud based model or on the verge of adopting one. Amidst the race to minimize IT expenditure, the cloud has emerged as a powerful business solution. Many businesses, however, are yet to make the transition to the cloud as they are yet to realize its full potential. To help, the blog post discusses in detail about cloud enablement services for small businesses.